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3 Headlight Repair Kits



This Headlight Repair Kit is a practical solution to any of your headlight problems! It is filled with several items for you to achieve that professional finish when cleaning and fixing your headlights. It can be used also to clean tail lights, fog lights, and directional lights.

We have a great selection of headlight restoration kit that you can choose from based on your personal preference in terms of quantity!

  • Effective way to restore the clarity of hazy or cloudy headlight lenses;
  • Easily improves the performance of the headlights;
  • Easy to use with these three (3) easy steps: sand, polish and protect;
  • Practical way than replacing your old headlight;
  • Can also be used for the restoration of the taillights, fog lights or directional lights; and
  • Cost-efficient as it is used to clean two (2) headlights.

Condition — Brand New, High Quality
Operating Temperature — 25 Degree Celsius
Mesh — 800,1200,2000
Thread — M10
Mask Tape Size — 300cm x 2cm

Package Included: 1 x Backer Pad M10 Thread, 1 x Adapter, 1 x Sponge Disc, 1 x Mask Tape, 2 x P800 Sanding Discs, 2 x P1200 Sanding Discs, 2 x P2000 Sanding Discs, 2 x Polish Paste, 2 x Protect Liquid


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